Immortal Kingdoms M OBT is NOW LIVE for iOS and Android!

Take on an exciting mobile game journey in Immortal Kingdoms M by PlayPark! Open Beta starts TODAY! The game is playable on iOS, Android and emulators. In addition, Immortal Kingdoms M will have lots of ingame events and community events to welcome everyone in OBT. BIG GIVEAWAY, EVERY DAY! Get a lot of items for FREE!


  1. Non-stop Online Rewards
    • During the event period, accumulate a certain amount of time online to receive great rewards. Online gift packages await you!
  2. 7-Day Login Rewards
    • Get generous rewards just by logging in every day! Receive Inquisitor Wings on day 02! Get the Mount: Rocking Horse on day 03! Get the Moonlit Serenade on day 05! Lastly, a 5-Star Esper SSR on day 07 is waiting for you!
  3. Server Launch Rankings
    • During the event period, themed rankings will be unlocked daily. Players can compete for rankings by developing, advancing, and breaking through corresponding attribute conditions to win extra rewards!
  4. Zero-Cost Purchase
    • Players can purchase powerful espers, rare mounts, wings, and other high-value rewards through the zero-cost purchase interface by consuming a certain number of diamonds. After a certain period of time, all purchased diamonds will be returned.
  5.  Level-Up Gift Packs
    • Players who reach the corresponding levels can activate and claim the corresponding gift package. After claiming, they can consume certain amount of diamonds to claim rare gift packages again, further increasing their combat power.
  6. Limited-Time Shop
    • During the event period, players can purchase highly cost-effective item rewards through the limited-time opened shop to increase their progress.


Immortal Kingdoms M Philippines
Announced on April 17, 2024